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I'm raising money for the Universal Healthcare Initiative 

Whole Washington Walks means 'taking real steps to Universal Healthcare.' 

We feel the urgency of 522,000 Washingtonians without health insurance and even more are underinsured. 

Our initiative means every single resident will have high quality, comprehensive healthcare. Healthcare that includes vision, dental, behavioural health, and reproductive services!

You'll never have to deal with co-pays or deductibles! There's absolutely no charge at point of service! 

And prescription drugs? Generics are totally covered. The MOST you'd pay is $250 per adult per year if they're not. 

The best news? No gaps in coverage! Your healthcare isn't tied to your job or your spouse or parent, and there's no such thing as a pre-existing condition. You're covered. 

It's time we make Universal Healthcare a reality. Please sponsor me as I walk to raise money for this initiative campaign. We'll start gathering signatures in March 2020!

Here's why this walk is important to me. 

As a solo business owner in the unpredictable art world, health insurance is an endless battle.

This picture of my dusty feet at the top of Mt St Helens are fighting feet. I walk for those, who like me, can't afford good health insurance or often proper health care.

My hope is with regular access to healthcare, my dusty feet and those of thousands of others will continue to be able to walk and thrive.



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Number of pledges received: 2
Goal achievement: 22%
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Event Information
What: Whole Washington Walks - West Seattle
Where: West Seattle - Bird on a Wire Espresso
Note: We're walking on September 7th!
When: Saturday September 7, 2019 at 09:00 AM

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