Whole Washington Walks - Walk When You Want

Whole Washington is determined to bring Universal Healthcare to Washington State!

 We're fighting for a system that: 

ücovers everyone

üincludes vision, dental, audiology, mental health, and reproductive services

üisn’t tied to your job or your spouse

üdoesn’t charge a fee to seek care and 

üdoesn’t surprise you with a bill after

This is what's possible when the profit incentive is removed, and we are fighting with urgency. It's not acceptable to have uninsured or underinsured people in a state as rich as ours. Human beings come before profit. Let's transform our system!

We're raising money for our petition drive that starts in March 2020. This Walk-a-thon is vital to our progress. Let's join up and get Universal Healthcare on the ballot!

Your walk-a-thon donations will pay for:

  • A strong media campaign
  • Field staff and organizers
  • The nuts and bolts of an initiative campaign, including printing and mailing petitions

Thanks for being a part of this! We're ready to make this happen!

"In a world filled with violence, hatred, and suspicion, giving is an expression of faith, trust, and concern."
— Douglas Lawson
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