Whole Washington Walks - Walk When You Want

It's As Simple and Flexible As It Sounds!

If you just can't make it to a Group Walk (and you don't want Start Your Own), you can pick your own day, your own start time & place, and your own route! Yep! You can put those miles in and raise money for this very critical campaign. 

Here's what you'll do:

  1. Pick a day to walk - you can even change this if you want. As long as it's in September, you're golden. 
  2. Register
  3. Update Your Page - There's stock info there for you, but making it personal will speak volumes. Help people understand why this is important to you. 
  4. Ask for Donations 
    • Use the Social Media and Email help from your page to get the word out. Ask friends, family, co-workers in person too. 
    • Donors can make a one time donation that will be processed right away. 
  5. WALK and spread the word!
  6. Thank your donors.

Our Top 5 Fundraisers:

Rank Name Amount
#1 Kathryn Lewandowsky $1,000.00
#2 Blaine Jensen $707.00
#3 Benjamin Briles $392.00
#4 Georgia Davenport $307.00
#5 Holly More Allen $161.00

Tips for Raising Money

Don't forget to ask everyone you meet to support you in your walk-a-thon. Even small amounts can make a difference! See the Walk-a-thon Fundraising Guide for fundraising ideas and tips, sample letters, and more!


Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, along with sunglasses and a hat or other sun protection or rain gear if you need it!

"There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher. "
— Henry Van Dyke
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