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I'm raising money for the Universal Healthcare Initiative 

Whole Washington Walks means 'taking real steps to Universal Healthcare.' 

We feel the urgency of 522,000 Washingtonians without health insurance and even more are underinsured. 

Our initiative means every single resident will have high quality, comprehensive healthcare. Healthcare that includes vision, dental, behavioural health, and reproductive services!

You'll never have to deal with co-pays or deductibles! There's absolutely no charge at point of service! 

And prescription drugs? Generics are totally covered. If there isn't a generic version available, the MOST you'd pay is $250 per adult per year if they're not. 

The best news? No gaps in coverage! Your healthcare isn't tied to your job or your spouse or parent, and there's no such thing as a pre-existing condition. You're covered. 

It's time we make Universal Healthcare a reality. Please sponsor me as I walk to raise money for this initiative campaign. We'll start gathering signatures in March 2020!

Here's why this walk is important to me. 

Whole Washington Walks means 'taking real steps to Universal Healthcare.’  

Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know I am passionately involved with Whole Washington Universal Healthcare.  I whole heartily believe that the only way to fix our corrupted, broken healthcare system is through us, the citizen.  By using the unique power that Washington state has to pass bills using the initiative process, we can change the corrupted status quo.  Our elected government officials have refused to switch to universal healthcare because they are indebted to the corrupt money of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.  Many are just one healthcare crises away from bankruptcy, (the number one reason people in the US go bankrupt.) transferring our hard-earned wealth to the greedy 1/10 of 1%.     

Whole Washington is having a walkathon during the month of September.  My goal is to walk five miles.  Currently I can walk about three.  I’m suggesting a $5.00 per mile donation to help me reach my goal.  

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.  


  • Kathryn (about 2 months ago)

    Thank you Holly for all you do in this fight for a just healthcare system for all in Washington!

  • Jen (about 3 months ago)

    We'll get there with fighters like you, Holly! Thanks for everything you do to get us closer to universal healthcare!

  • Melody (about 3 months ago)

    Thank you Holly for all your hard work!

  • Holly (about 3 months ago)

    Thanks Georgia! Here's the match for you generous donation!

  • Georgia (about 3 months ago)


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