Whole Washington Walks - Walk When You Want
First Last Sbdown Company Team Name
Andre Stackhouse Microsoft  
Sara So N/A  
Robin Sanders Whole WA  
Edward Roberts No Company  
Vicki Rhoades self-employed  
Devon Persing n/a  
Holly More Allen Whole Washington  
Megan Mireles    
Courtney Love Elect Courtney Love  
Kathryn Lewandowsky Cascade Valley Hospital  
Kevin Kwong N/A  
Blaine Jensen Zoot Enterprises  
Ben Herrick Dreamclinic  
Andrew Galipeau 1984  
Laura Fielding Red Berets  
Theresa Evans Individual  
General Donation    
Georgia Davenport Mrs.  
Aaron Cheung    
Lisa Canar DiagnosTechs Clinical Laboratory  
Sarah Butts    
Sara Buck n/a  
Benjamin Briles Boeing  
Tanya Atkinson 1976  
"The word philanthropy has its roots in the Greek language meaning "love for mankind." It was never meant to apply only to donors of thousands or millions of dollars."
— Arthur Frantzreb
unknown PROD-CABD